Month: September 2020

  • October Writing Prompts

    October Writing Prompts Describe the color orange in words without using the word orange. 2. You go to your best friends house and find a skeleton in your closet. Is it a real skeleton, or a proverbial one? If it is real, whose skeleton is it and why is it in their closet? If it…

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  • Rain Falls

    Rain falls. As it gently hits the ground, refreshing the land And quenching the thirst beneath the soil, It comes softly, ever so slightly. Not showing signs of stopping. Falling from the sky, it washes Away the dirt and grime, Leaving clean wet surfaces behind. Lasting for the day. Steadily increasing with speed, Rain falls.

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  • Dawn Breaks

    For a moment the world is peaceful and still. In that twilight time, between sleep and waking, The world silently awaits the start of a new day. Slowly the light creeps up above the skyline, Growing brighter and brighter as the orange glow appears. At first, it’s just a small line of orange, a hint…

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