Author: Cindy Flynn

  • Headline This- SnowScape

    Headline This- SnowScape

    Writing Prompt: Create a headline for this photo in seven words or less. Below are the captions I came up with, but you can also use this as a prompt for yourself!

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  • Holding On

    Holding On

    Berries laying under the snow, Holding strong Though the wind does blow. And the storm is long, The berries cling to the branches Holding strong Even in avalanches. Never falling to the ground, Birdsong fills the air, berries still Holding strong Until the birds begin to peck. One by one, Berries lose their hold.

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  • Writing Prompt: Sunshine Rain

    Writing Prompt: Sunshine Rain

    Writing Prompt: Write about a rain that comes only when the sky is filled with vibrant colors from the sun.

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  • A Trip To Remember

    A Trip To Remember

    Her boyfriend paddled their canoe faster, splashing water into the canoe. “I don’t know why you insisted we go on this trip anyway. It’s so stupid.” “Just give it a chance, Nash. It could be fun if you let it.” “Fun? It’s not fun for me.” She sighed. She’d begged him to try birdwatching with…

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  • Mushroom for Supper

    Mushroom for Supper

    Writing Prompt: Mushroom for Supper What took a bite out of this mushroom? Tell the story.

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  • Reflection


    Calm, peaceful, barely a ripple. Reflection Trees dancing on the water, Ripples moving slowly about, Reflection Clouds dancing to and fro, Like cotton blowing in the wind. Water droplets Smooth as ice Reflection Fish in schools Swimming underneath Frog on lily pads, Taking a rest While Turtles nap on top a log And swans glide…

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  • Warbler Character

    Warbler Character

    Writing Prompt: Fill out the Character Sheet, with the Character being a black and white warbler. There is a printable version included below. Printable Version: Bonus Writing Prompt, and additional character sheet:

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  • Sunrise List

    Sunrise List

    Writing Prompt: Create a list of reasons to watch the sunrise. It’s beautiful. It’s peaceful. It’s relaxing. It’s calming. You can take photos. You can make memories. It’s a great way to start the day. It can help improve your mood. It helps build a routine. There are many bright, awesome colors.

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  • 10 Words or Phrases Description-Rabbit

    10 Words or Phrases Description-Rabbit

    Writing Prompt: Write 10 words or Phrases describing a rabbit without using the words rabbit or bunny. Fuzzy Long ears Furry Sharp teeth Digs Small Mammal Fluffy tail Whiskers Fast

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  • Trilliums


    Writing Prompt: Write a poem about wildflowers. Snow melting, Spring arriving, Green pushing up from beneath the ground. Flower opening, White appearing, Exploding out across the brown forest floor. Trilliums arriving, Slowly rising, Bringing beauty and life to the forest.

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  • Memory Loss

    Memory Loss

    Writing Prompt: Write about a character with an unreliable memory. Tilly stared up at the building above her. It looked familiar, but she’d forgotten where she was and where she was supposed to go. Glancing down at her watch, the time read 7:40am. It felt like she was supposed to be somewhere, but she wasn’t…

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