Author: Cindy Flynn

  • 10 Story Lines

    10 Story Line Ideas: Business partners stranded at a hotel due to bad weather Winter seems to have it’s grip on a land Two children go on an adventure when they imagine a sky full of beautiful white clouds to be animals instead; the animals become real A young mother is caught driving through a blizzard with…

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  • Life gets in the way

    I’m not trying to make excuses for not writing lately.  Actually, a few times, I started to write but never published the blog.  There has been a lot going on for me lately, several deaths (family & friends on different days for different reasons.)  Spring Break was last week, and we spent part of the…

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  • Shelter in the Storm

    Winter still hangs on, and so they cling to the little warmth they can find.  It isn’t much, just a small feeder someone put up and a little bit of food in it.  But it keeps them warm. The doves had traveled for many miles searching for food.  It had been a tough winter, and…

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  • Hungry Hungry Squirrel

    It’s been a rough winter with nothing to eat, I’m so thankful for this strange food I found on the ground!  I wonder who placed them here, where could they be from?  Oh well, it doesn’t really matter.  They are so good!  I wonder if Sammy heard my call for dinner?  I hope he gets here soon,…

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  • Black-Capped Chickadee Acrostic

    Bold Lots of fun And witty Comes near you Kind – Careful Adorable Peaceful Perky Eager Delightful Calm Hyperactive Innocent Cute Keen Adorable Dancing Enjoyable Easy-going

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  • Wild West, 20 question list

    I’m working on a story about the Wild West.  I need to do some research, and I’m listing 20 questions to get me started. How did they travel and why?  (Horse, oxen, wagon,) What did they take with them? What roads did they take, what pathway/states? What hardships did they face? What type of people…

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  • Road to Freedom

    The open free land, the bees buzzing past us as they gathered nectar from the flowers surrounding us, the sound of the water through the stream; this was the life we dreamed of.  Marty stopped the wagon and we just sat and listened to the sounds around us.  Birds were chirping their evening greeting, the water was…

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  • Sleepy Dog Acrostic

    So tired Lay down Earlier to bed Early to rise Pat the bed Yawn   Dog sleeping On his bed Going, going, gone

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  • 25 Prompt Ideas

    25 Writing Prompts:   Write a story based on a photo. Make a list of 25 fruits Write about Medieval times Research the Black Plague and write at least 400 words about it. Write a story where each sentence begins with the last word of the previous sentence. Make a list of 25 types of…

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  • Medieval Castle

    Describe a Medieval Castle in five minutes….   Stone brick cold damp dark servants wandering around a dark spell cast upon it moat bridge over the moat soldiers guarding it’s gates several towers one tower the highest of them all Wizard at the top of the tower horses stable stable boys Lord of the castle Lady…

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  • Loyal Companion

    He sits and waits for his owner even though he could go inside where it’s warm.  Faithful and true, he won’t leave his owners side while his owner shovels snow and takes photos of the beautiful white landscape.  He is a loyal companion, a good friend.  Despite the cold snow, his fur getting wet, and…

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  • A little behind…..

    I have a lot going on lately, and haven’t kept up with my blog very well.  Hopefully I will start to do a little better again!

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