Author: Cindy Flynn

  • Mallard Duck

    Moving Along a Lake Looking Around for food Ready to fly from Danger Doing their thing Using their instincts Cruising the water Kicking along

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  • Ice Storm

    The rain fell hard and fast, flooding the streets and making the journey home rather slippery.  With temperatures falling, it didn’t take long for the rain to turn to ice, didn’t take long for the ice to cover the streets, the trees, the houses, the glass on our windows, everything it touched.  I was relieved…

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  • It Began With A Dream, V

    Previous Parts:   Previous parts of the story: Nadalia heard a noise and felt the wagon jerk to start.  Master Grenlins must have returned.  She heard his raspy voice, “Hault!  Hold up I say!”  The horses must have started without him.  She couldn’t blame them, cruel man that he was.  The wagon…

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  • Twenty things that start with the Letter A

    Apple Alligator Anteater Apricot Airplane Android American Crow America Angels Ants Apron Airplane Astronaut Anchor Archer Antler Antelope Acrobat Aquarium Aluminium

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  • It Began With A Dream IV

    Previous parts of the story: Nadalia hurried down the pathway towards the woods.  If she was in luck, she could avoid the soldiers who normally guarded the path because they would be doing their morning changeover.  The closer she got, the more she realized her luck wasn’t going to hold out.  She quickly dodged…

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  • Winter Wonderland

    White Icy Nice to play in Tough to drive in Enjoyable Really cold Wonderful On everything Neatly falling Down and down Easy and peaceful Restful Like to watch it As it swirls Not going to leave During these cold months

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  • Frozen Goodbye

    Originally posted on sethsnap: It’s time again. It’s time for you to write the story. This photo is from my drive home yesterday.  It’s was taken on a new road that I found a few weeks back.  This area is beautiful but has whispers of darkness.  What does this scene tell you? Your Story is…

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  • It Began With a Dream III

    For Parts One and Two: Peter looked around to make sure no one was watching.  “I heard them last night.”  He waved his hand at her.  “Of course, I know they talk every night, but this time, this time it was you.” Nadalia gasped and covered her mouth with her hand.  Nightly, the soldiers spoke of…

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  • Animal Talk- Wolf

    If you could talk to any animal, what would it be and why? If I could talk to any animal, I would talk to a wolf.  Wolves are pack animals, but at the same time, they have a freedom about them that most of us have lost.   I would want to know about life…

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  • It Began With A Dream Part II

    For Part one, go here…. Nadalia was startled by a knock on the door.  Vicky’s voice came through from the other side “Hurry up!  It’s not even your turn, Nadalia!” Vicky seem to have it in for her, but she didn’t know why.  She sighed.  They even had assigned bathroom times, and she had broken…

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  • It Began With A Dream

    It began with a dream.  Nadalia awoke early in the morning, startled from a dead sleep by a dream.  The dream haunted her long into the morning hours, long into the afternoon and evening hours too.  When night came, she fell into a restless sleep, only to dream the same dream again. The dream began…

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  • The package

    Writing Prompt: A package arrives in the mail.  There is no return address, and  you do not recognize the handwriting.  What is inside?   ———–   When I went to the mailbox today, there was a small package inside.  I didn’t recognize the handwriting on the box, and there was no return address.  I opened the package to find…

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