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Bursting Forth

Slowly pushing up through the ground, Rising higher and higher, Growing each and every day. Rising higher and higher, Breaking ground, rising up, Rising higher and higher. Pushing towards the sky, Rising higher and higher, Slowing, stopping, opening. Rising higher and higher, Color spreading out further and further, Rising higher and higher, Bursting forth. Writing Prompt: Write a poem about the photo. Continue reading Bursting Forth

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Light Bursts Through

Darkness covers the land, dark and cold. It stays that way, chilly and eerie until suddenly, something begins to change. A light appears, gently bursts into the darkness. It creeps over the horizon, gently rising, illuminating the day. It is bright, but gentle, glowing as it appears over the water. Orange glow, it comes up slowly, appearing at first as just a low light Then … Continue reading Light Bursts Through

Rickety, Rickety Rack.

    The train rumbled down the track, From one town to another it traveled, Rickety, Rickety Rack. Across a river, as it babbled, The train went on with a clack, Passed a canoe as they paddled, Rickety, Rickety Rack. The Engineer left nothing unchecked, As he kept the train on the track. The passengers,¬†out the window they watched. Rickety, Rickety Rack. The people stared, … Continue reading Rickety, Rickety Rack.

New Year, New Opportunities

  New chances exercise commitments wonderful chances   Yearning for new beginnings excited for new opportunities advancing forward   racing towards the future.   Never look back embrace¬†changes wonder what could be   Outdoors is the place to be. plan some trips onwards towards dreams really working hard to achieve goals uncertain of the future never doubting what incredibly hard work can do. tomorrow is … Continue reading New Year, New Opportunities