Category: Poetry

  • Reflection


    Calm, peaceful, barely a ripple. Reflection Trees dancing on the water, Ripples moving slowly about, Reflection Clouds dancing to and fro, Like cotton blowing in the wind. Water droplets Smooth as ice Reflection Fish in schools Swimming underneath Frog on lily pads, Taking a rest While Turtles nap on top a log And swans glide […]

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  • Light Bursts Through

    Light Bursts Through

    Darkness covers the land, dark and cold. It stays that way, chilly and eerie until suddenly, something begins to change. A light appears, gently bursts into the darkness. It creeps over the horizon, gently rising, illuminating the day. It is bright, but gentle, glowing as it appears over the water. Orange glow, it comes up […]

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  • When Life Gives You Lemons Poem

    When Life Gives You Lemons Poem

    When life gives you lemons, just make lemonade. When life gives you lemons, just have a parade. When life gives you lemons, Just sing a serenade. When life gives you lemons, just don’t be afraid. When life gives you lemons, just remember, you might be amazed.

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  • Poetry Photo

    Write a poem to go with this photo.

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  • Fog on the Bay

    Fog on the Bay

    Foggy bay, Boats rocking gently Within the Marina. Fog rolling through, Rain blowing in, Boat heading out. Geese gliding across, Gulls soaring around. People walking, People fishing, Summertime Marina fun.

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  • Winter’s Gown

    Winter’s Gown

    January 28… Write a poem about the Sun glistening on the snow. The sun hits the snow as it falls softly The wind does blow As the snow lands calmly. The sun glistens Upon the snow, it shimmers In these winter conditions As light hits, it glimmers. Falling faster to the Earth, Spinning, swirling , […]

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  • Rain Falls

    Rain falls. As it gently hits the ground, refreshing the land And quenching the thirst beneath the soil, It comes softly, ever so slightly. Not showing signs of stopping. Falling from the sky, it washes Away the dirt and grime, Leaving clean wet surfaces behind. Lasting for the day. Steadily increasing with speed, Rain falls.

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  • Rickety, Rickety Rack.

        The train rumbled down the track, From one town to another it traveled, Rickety, Rickety Rack. Across a river, as it babbled, The train went on with a clack, Passed a canoe as they paddled, Rickety, Rickety Rack. The Engineer left nothing unchecked, As he kept the train on the track. The passengers, out […]

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  • Snow On a Tree

    Snow on a tree, The shine shining down. Snow for those who ski, So they don’t need to frown. Snow on a tree, Cold is the weather. No need to flee, Snow’s as light as a feather. Snow on a tree, Bundle up warm Drink some hot tea And stay out of the storm.  

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  • Lakeside View Acrostic

    Lakeside View Acrostic

    Looking Actively Keen Engaged Standing Interested Diving Enjoying   Viewing Identifying Everything Worldwide      

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  • Acrostic with the word Snow

      SNOW Slowly falling Nice big snowflakes On the ground Winter is here.

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