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  • Twas the Night Before March

    Twas the Night Before March Twas the night before March, and all through the Midwest, Not a creature was stirring, not even a pest. The sandals and shorts were pulled out with a cheer. In hopes that Jack Frost would soon disappear. The children were curled up nearby the fire, While they plotted out cruises…

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  • Apples for You

    Apples for You

    Apples Amazing apples grew on a tree Picked in the fall Plucked by me Little ones, big ones Enormous ones too, Slide into a bag just for you. Writing Prompt: Write an acrostic poem about apples.

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  • Holding On

    Holding On

    Berries laying under the snow, Holding strong Though the wind does blow. And the storm is long, The berries cling to the branches Holding strong Even in avalanches. Never falling to the ground, Birdsong fills the air, berries still Holding strong Until the birds begin to peck. One by one, Berries lose their hold.

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  • When Life Gives You Lemons Poem

    When Life Gives You Lemons Poem

    When life gives you lemons, just make lemonade. When life gives you lemons, just have a parade. When life gives you lemons, Just sing a serenade. When life gives you lemons, just don’t be afraid. When life gives you lemons, just remember, you might be amazed.

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  • Poetry Photo

    Write a poem to go with this photo.

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  • Winter’s Gown

    Winter’s Gown

    January 28… Write a poem about the Sun glistening on the snow. The sun hits the snow as it falls softly The wind does blow As the snow lands calmly. The sun glistens Upon the snow, it shimmers In these winter conditions As light hits, it glimmers. Falling faster to the Earth, Spinning, swirling ,…

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  • Snow On a Tree

    Snow on a tree, The shine shining down. Snow for those who ski, So they don’t need to frown. Snow on a tree, Cold is the weather. No need to flee, Snow’s as light as a feather. Snow on a tree, Bundle up warm Drink some hot tea And stay out of the storm.  

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  • Into The Woods

    Into The Woods

    Into the woods one must go, To clear your mind and renew your soul. Into the woods one must go, To breath fresh air and find a hole. Into the woods one must go, To connect with creation and touch the ground. Into the woods one must go, To walk and walk and hike up…

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  • Sleep Till Spring

    Spring will come But for now, we rest Dormant are some Waiting to give their best Blossoms may grow As green leaves sprout Grass we will mow Just don’t pout. But for this time These plants will sleep. Now as you rhyme Just count some sheep.

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  • Dog In The Snow

    Write a poem about a dog in the snow.  Make every other line rhyme My dog went to play in the snow The snow was wet The wind it did blow My dog wanted me to let Him chase a crow I made a bet He would be too slow The snow made him wet…

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