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  • The package

    Writing Prompt: A package arrives in the mail.  There is no return address, and  you do not recognize the handwriting.  What is inside?   ———–   When I went to the mailbox today, there was a small package inside.  I didn’t recognize the handwriting on the box, and there was no return address.  I opened the package to find…

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  • Snowflake

    Write about if you were a snowflake   If I were a snowflake, I would fall softly to the ground.  I would watch the world spin around and around me as I fell, waiting to land.  If I were a snowflake, I would be unique, just as I am now.  I would be cold, wet…

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  • Snow Acrostic

    Softly falling Neatly landing On the ground White landscape painted  

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  • Snow!

    Slowly falling Neat to watch Over the land Watch it go Falling down And spinning round Lower and lower it goes Landing on the ground  

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  • My writing blog

    This is a continuation of a writing blog I started on Blogspot.

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