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Bursting Forth

Slowly pushing up through the ground, Rising higher and higher, Growing each and every day. Rising higher and higher, Breaking ground, rising up, Rising higher and higher. Pushing towards the sky, Rising higher and higher, Slowing, stopping, opening. Rising higher and higher, Color spreading out further and further, Rising higher and higher, Bursting forth. Writing Prompt: Write a poem about the photo. Continue reading Bursting Forth

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What The Pet Hears

Writing Prompt: Unbeknownst to humans, house pets can understand everything we say. Molly closed her eyes, laid her head gently on her owner’s lap and sighed. She was tired of her owner arguing with everything the short, fat man said. Besides that, she’d overheard the short fat man talking when her owner wasn’t around. He planned to sell the place and put her and Madelynn out … Continue reading What The Pet Hears

Rain of Rebuilding Hope VII

When they reached the vehicles, the soldiers tossed Brody’s body into the back of one of their transport trucks. Raven glared at them and climbed in behind him. She was caught off guard when Draven grabbed her arm and helped her in. Muttering thanks, she moved to Brody’s side and gently turned him over. His head was covered in blood, and he made no noise. … Continue reading Rain of Rebuilding Hope VII

Rain of Rebuilding Hope V

Raven stood next to the tank, shifting her feet nervously as she watched her brother and his men approach the truck. His black boots kicked out pebbles along the road as he walked, his weapon swung up over his shoulder. She was annoyed at his insistence she stay back. She could handle anything that came their way, he knew that, but he still feared for … Continue reading Rain of Rebuilding Hope V

Rain of Rebuilding Hope III

Dayken slowly opened his eyes. His mind felt foggy and he couldn’t figure out where he was at first, but then it came back to him all at once. He was in the truck, with Brody. They’d been out scavenging all day, and were headed back to their base with the few things they’d found when Brody had wrecked the truck. They’d hit something, but … Continue reading Rain of Rebuilding Hope III