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  • Just Another Tuesday

    Just Another Tuesday

    List of Words: Prompt: Use the list of words provided to write a story about the photo. The first drops started on a Tuesday. They started off slow and then began to fall faster and faster, quenching the thirsty ground. Rapidly, swiftly the rain came down, until slowly the streets began to flood and the […]

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  • A Trip To Remember

    A Trip To Remember

    Her boyfriend paddled their canoe faster, splashing water into the canoe. “I don’t know why you insisted we go on this trip anyway. It’s so stupid.” “Just give it a chance, Nash. It could be fun if you let it.” “Fun? It’s not fun for me.” She sighed. She’d begged him to try birdwatching with […]

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  • What The Pet Hears II

    What The Pet Hears II

    What The Pet Hears, Part 2 Madelynn rubbed her ears and sighed loudly. “What am I going to do, Molly? Al’s been a jerk again. I know better, Mols, but I love him. I just can’t bring myself to go somewhere else.” Molly whined and looked up at Madelynn with her big brown eyes. They […]

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  • I Remember

    I Remember

    Writing Prompt: Start your story with the lines “I remember.” I remember the night the owl landed on the pole near our house. It was the same night my grandma died, the same night my life changed forever. My grandma was my everything, the one who I could always count on to help me when […]

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  • Bursting Forth

    Bursting Forth

    Slowly pushing up through the ground, Rising higher and higher, Growing each and every day. Rising higher and higher, Breaking ground, rising up, Rising higher and higher. Pushing towards the sky, Rising higher and higher, Slowing, stopping, opening. Rising higher and higher, Color spreading out further and further, Rising higher and higher, Bursting forth. Writing […]

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  • What The Pet Hears

    What The Pet Hears

    Writing Prompt: Unbeknownst to humans, house pets can understand everything we say. Molly closed her eyes, laid her head gently on her owner’s lap and sighed. She was tired of her owner arguing with everything the short, fat man said. Besides that, she’d overheard the short fat man talking when her owner wasn’t around. He planned […]

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  • Stolen


    Addison watch the swans swim quickly across the pond through her binoculars. They kept their 5 babies close to them and moved with intention towards the opposite shore. One of the babies kept getting behind the rest, and the parents kept nudging it forward. She wasn’t sure what had spooked them, but they seemed to […]

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  • Lake View Prompt

    Lake View Prompt

    Writing Prompt: Write a short story to go with this photo.

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  • 6-Word Story

    6-Word Story

    6-Word Story Write a 6-word story to go with this photo.

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  • Rain of Rebuilding Hope VIII

    Rain of Rebuilding Hope VIII

    By the time Raven got back to the truck, Mary was attending to the other man. “Dayken, hold still please. I just have to bandage your arm.” So the man with Brody was Dayken. Her fiancé had spoken highly of the man often. They got on each other’s nerves, that much she knew, but he […]

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  • Rain of Rebuilding Hope VII

    Rain of Rebuilding Hope VII

    When they reached the vehicles, the soldiers tossed Brody’s body into the back of one of their transport trucks. Raven glared at them and climbed in behind him. She was caught off guard when Draven grabbed her arm and helped her in. Muttering thanks, she moved to Brody’s side and gently turned him over. His […]

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