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  • Bursting Forth

    Bursting Forth

    Slowly pushing up through the ground, Rising higher and higher, Growing each and every day. Rising higher and higher, Breaking ground, rising up, Rising higher and higher. Pushing towards the sky, Rising higher and higher, Slowing, stopping, opening. Rising higher and higher, Color spreading out further and further, Rising higher and higher, Bursting forth. Writing […]

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  • Bamboo Bumblebee

    Bamboo Bumblebee

    Bamboo flew from flower to flower, trying to gather the pollen and nectar. She’d been going at it all day, and the sun was getting lower in the sky, but they needed food. Exhausted, she took a moment to rest at the next flower before moving on. Winter had been rough, and they needed as […]

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  • Moon Writing Prompt

    Moon Writing Prompt

    Writing Prompt: Continue the story: Dalia stared up at the moon in the big blue sky.

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