When Giants Ruled


ImageThe windmills seemed so small in comparison to the giants.  The giants ruled the land, destroying everything in their path and more.  There wasn’t much we could do about it, it was the way things had been since the wicked witch took over the land.  


It was always winter, never spring, like in the stories of Narnia we had heard about so long ago.  Except here, the witch used her giants to keep things going her way, to keep the land enslaved.  She had magic of course, which she used often and brutally.  But the giants were her man power, the way she kept Ewert the Great Shepherd at bay.  


We were hoping for Ewert’s return.  Some suspected that he could really come back and take over if he wanted to, but so far he hadn’t.  So far, the giants guarded all of the borders keeping a close watch over who and what came through.  They stopped our windmills from working, our mills gave us power and made life a little easier.  They kept away the birds and over living creatures, except the old crows and blackbirds, the snakes and the coyote, and the other creatures who followed the Wicked Witch.



  And it was always winter, always cold, always a barren dry land.  Life was hard, we began to loose all hope.  Until one day, we saw the snow begin to melt.  We saw bare ground, the birds suddenly returned, our friends, the bears, foxes, rabbits, badgers, and all of the other good creatures  returned, and slowly our windmills powered up again.  Something was in the air.


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