Month: March 2014

  • Safe Place

    The waves splashed on the shore.  I closed my eyes and listened to the water as it rushed up to touch my feet.  I wanted to stay here in this place, to bask in the sun and solace this place offered me.  It was time to go though.  I knew it, but I dreaded and…

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  • Railroad Tracks

    Rolling down the country side And where do you think it’s going? It goes on and on. Long and lingering Rail cars rolling Over bridges And under mountains Down hills   To a place Rail cars can be And the tracks take you there Chugging and rolling Kindly step off board now.   S

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  • Two Minute Free Write- Barns

    Barns Red, tall,old Brown, worn down, protecting Standing strong through the years Built back up with lots of tears. Standing there, always. Home for birds, home for cows Home for sheep, home for horses Barns

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