Motel Story Version 2, Part One


Edith slammed the car door and walked carefully to the trunk, moving her feet like a penguin to keep from slipping.  Jim had already popped the trunk for them so she could grab her bag and head for the main office.  The ice had started falling about an hour ago, and she kept hoping it would let up but it was soon clear that it was too treacherous to keep going.  Now that they had stopped, she could see a layer of ice across the parking lot and even on the car.

It was supposed to have been a day trip.  They had met at the office earlier in the morning.  Frank had been a few minutes late which annoyed her but now it didn’t matter anyway.  Their boss, Jack, had wanted them to leave the office no later than 4:00am.  They should have arrived in plenty of time for the 10:30am meeting in Munising.  One could never count on the weather in Michigan though and it seemed like this was even more true the further north you went.  They had hit rain within an hour of their trip and it turned to ice by the time they reached Houghton Lake.  Jim kept driving, hoping they could just drive right through it but that didn’t happen.  Now they were stuck somewhere between two small northern Michigan towns.  According to the map, they were somewhere between a little town called Kalkaska and a small village known as Mancelona.


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