Month: July 2015

  • Chickadee Hops

    Chickadee Hops

    Chickadee Hops The chickadee hops from branch to branch, staring up at me. The chickadee hops from place to place, almost as fast as a bee. With its little black cap, It follows a map That I cannot see. Yes, this little black-capped chickadee hops from tree to tree And it just stares at me.

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  • Motel Story Part 5

    Motel Story Part 5 Once they reached their rooms, Jim let her into hers and handed her the key.   “You loose it, you pay for it.”  Edith moved her neck in a quick movement away from him and narrowed her eyebrows.  Jim could be a real jerk sometimes. “We should go get something new to…

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  • Motel Story Part IV

    Motel Story Part IV There were a few clothes as well, mostly sweat-suit type items with the hotel name on them but they would do for the night.  There was also a few travel items, she noted a toothbrush, toothpaste and a hairbrush, as well as underclothing.  The socks only came in a pack of two…

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  • Motel Story Part 3

    Motel Story Part 3 The lady at the front desk was friendly and greeted them with a smile.  Jim had pulled over a few miles before they found the motel and called Jack to see what to do.  He had directed them to this motel, saying Goggle said it was the closest to their location.  Edith wished…

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  • Motel Story- Part Two

    Motel Story- Part Two

    Part One: The weather forecast was calling for this icy mess to turn to snow.  Jim wanted to pull over somewhere and wait it out, but a phone call to Jack led to them being told to find a hotel.  The meeting could be postponed until tomorrow since the weather wasn’t showing any sign…

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