Motel Story Part 5

Once they reached their rooms, Jim let her into hers and handed her the key.   “You loose it, you pay for it.”  Edith moved her neck in a quick movement away from him and narrowed her eyebrows.  Jim could be a real jerk sometimes.

“We should go get something new to wear, so our suits stay clean for tomorrow.”

Jim cracked up laughing.  “You want it, you pay for it.  I came prepared.  I’ve got an extra outfit in my bag so I don’t need anything.  Jack shouldn’t have to pay for your carelessness.”

Edith sighed and rolled her eyes as Jim turned his back to go to his own room.  She knew it was a mistake when Jack gave Jim the company credit card to hold on to.  Jim only had his own interest at heart.  In all likelihood, he would go to the hotel store, buy up anything he wanted for his wife, and bill it to Jack as though it was from the three of them.  No matter.  She would just pay for what she wanted herself and turn in the receipt to accounting for reimbursement.  Jack never paid attention anyways so no one would call it out.

Edith used her key to let herself in the room.  She realized she was still carrying her laptop bag.  She had been so caught up in the little store she hadn’t realized how heavy it was getting.  The hotel room was small, but cozy.  There was a queen size bed in the center of the room, with a nightstand and a lamp on each side.  A desk sat in the far corner of the room, near a small door which she only assumed led to the bathroom. For now, she needed to set the computer down and the desk seemed like the perfect spot.  As she set it down, she realized her cell phone was in her pocket.  She was glad she had thought to pack the charger for it along with her computer.  She would need it tonight for sure.  She pulled it out and was surprised to see it blinking.

Edith hit the power button and slide the screen open with her finger.  She noted the screen was showing a new voicemail.  She dialed her voicemail and put the phone up to her ear.  It was Jack.  “Hey Edith, just calling to make sure you’re settling in ok.  I need to talk to you about that meeting tomorrow, and about our meeting the other day.  Give me a call.”  The phone clicked off and Edith stared at the wall.


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