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  • April Writing Prompts, 2022

    April Writing Prompts, 2022

    A printable PDF Version January to April Writing Prompts

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  • June 2021 Writing Prompts

    June 2021 Writing Prompts

    Write a bucket list of at least 10 things you want to do this summer. Describe the perfect summer vacation from the perspective of a perfectionistic, driven, business person. Write about a flower opening up. Write a poem about a warm summer day. It’s National Fishing Week! Create: A. An ad for a local paper…

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  • June Writing Prompts

    June Writing Prompts

    Make a list of things you might see at a river. Write a poem about looking up at trees. Write a description of water running over a rock. Write about a stick’s journey down the river. Write a story about a group that is camping in the wilderness. Create a list of nature places to…

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  • 30 Writing Prompts

    Write about a canoe on a lake. 15-minute free-write, using the word sunshine at least five times. Write for ten minutes, describing snow. Make a list of words that start with W. Create a list of animals for every single letter of the alphabet. Write a story about a person who is following a fence.…

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