30 Writing Prompts

30 Writing Prompts

  1. Write about a canoe on a lake.
  2. 15-minute free-write, using the word sunshine at least five times.
  3. Write for ten minutes, describing snow.
  4. Make a list of words that start with W.
  5. Create a list of animals for every single letter of the alphabet.
  6. Write a story about a person who is following a fence.
  7. Write a six-word story about the picture above.
  8. Describe a bird’s flight through the woods
  9. Write at least five sentences that use the same letter over and over again.
  10. Give instructions for hosting a tea party.
  11. Find a quote about winter and write about what it means to you.
  12. Describe a snowflake falling from the sky.
  13. Write a story about someone serving in the military.
  14. Write about people living in a forest.
  15. Finish the sentence…. The sun rose over the blue water and…
  16. Look at the beginning of one book and the ending of another.  Combine the two, and write the middle of the story.
  17. Pick the book closest to you and turned to page 45.  Start with the 3rd sentence, then write your own story based off that sentence as the start to your story.
  18. Get your local grocery ad and find out what’s on sale.  Create a list of groceries for one person for a week for $20 or less based only what’s on sale.
  19. Chose a song and write a story about why the song was written.
  20. Create a fable about why the rain falls from the sky.
  21. Add to this sentence start… “When giants ruled the earth,”
  22. Make a list of advice for each letter of the alphabet.
  23. Create a commercial for your favorite beverage.
  24. Write a story about a walk downtown from the viewpoint of a shoe.
  25. Create a list of 20 things you can see.
  26. Describe a new planet that’s been discovered.
  27. Write a poem, Dr. Seuss style.
  28. Describe an alien that comes to visit you.
  29. Report on your job as though you took a field trip there.
  30. Create a report card based on your daily routine, and grade yourself in each area.

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