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  • Sunrise List

    Sunrise List

    Writing Prompt: Create a list of reasons to watch the sunrise. It’s beautiful. It’s peaceful. It’s relaxing. It’s calming. You can take photos. You can make memories. It’s a great way to start the day. It can help improve your mood. It helps build a routine. There are many bright, awesome colors.

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  • Back Road Writing Prompt

    Back Road Writing Prompt

    Back Road Writing Prompt: Go for a drive along a back road. Take a notebook and pen/pencil with you, and/or take a photo of the back road. When you are back home, or can find a safe place to park, create a list of everything you remember seeing along the back road. Back Road: Egert…

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  • 10 Words to Describe Snow

    10 Words to Describe Snow

    Prompt: Create a list of ten words to describe snow without using the word snow: Cold White Crystals Crunchy Soft Flaky Frozen Powdery Deep Heavy

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  • 25 Writing Prompts using the word Snow.

    Write a story about a family trapped in a blizzard Write a poem about snow that rhymes Write an acrostic poem about snow Write a story about children playing in the snow. Write a description of snow. Write a poem describing snow. Write a story about a child seeing snow for the first time. Write…

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  • Five Facts About Mallards

    Five Facts About Mallards: A female mallard has a louder and more distinct quack sound. They prefer calm, shallow places of water. They eat water plants, grass seeds, insects, fish, pond weeds, snails, frogs and more. Female mallards lay between 5 and 14 eggs. Mallards can live as long as sixteen years, but  many only…

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