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Back Road Writing Prompt

Back Road Writing Prompt: Go for a drive along a back road. Take a notebook and pen/pencil with you, and/or take a photo of the back road. When you are back home, or can find a safe place to park, create a list of everything you remember seeing along the back road. Back Road: Egert walking slowly across the road Cardinal flying Dirt Gravel Trees … Continue reading Back Road Writing Prompt

25 Writing Prompts using the word Snow.

Write a story about a family trapped in a blizzard Write a poem about snow that rhymes Write an acrostic poem about snow Write a story about children playing in the snow. Write a description of snow. Write a poem describing snow. Write a story about a child seeing snow for the first time. Write about a snow that stays cold even in hot weather. … Continue reading 25 Writing Prompts using the word Snow.