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25 Writing Prompts using the word Snow.

  1. Write a story about a family trapped in a blizzard
  2. Write a poem about snow that rhymes
  3. Write an acrostic poem about snow
  4. Write a story about children playing in the snow.
  5. Write a description of snow.
  6. Write a poem describing snow.
  7. Write a story about a child seeing snow for the first time.
  8. Write about a snow that stays cold even in hot weather.
  9. Write a story in which the entire world is covered in snow.
  10. Make a list of things to do in the snow.
  11. Make a list of problems snow causes.
  12. Write a story about someone being in a car accident due to snow.
  13. Write a story from the perspective of snow.
  14. Write a story about a desert suddenly covered in snow.
  15. Write a story about snow from a tree’s perspective.
  16. Write a story about two children having a snowball fight.
  17. Compose a poem about a snowball fight.
  18. Compose a list of at least five ways to use snow in food.
  19. Write a story in which snow is the primary ingredient for most foods.
  20. Write a story in which a shortage of snow is a major problem.
  21. Write a story about ski resort and how snow effects them.
  22. Create a recipe to use snow.
  23. Create a recipe, giving directions for how to create snow.
  24. Describe a vehicle that can get through any amount of snow.
  25. Write a poem about a snowman in snow.



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