A Letter to Someone I wish I could meet


Someone I wish I could meet is my Grandma Soules.  I know I will see her someday in Heaven, but I will never know her on this earth as she passed away when I was ten days old.  Here is a letter to her:

Dear Grandma Soules,

How strange it is to write to someone you’ve never met.  I’ve heard so many stories about you, and I’ve wished many times that I would have had the chance to know you but I know someday we will have all of eternity together.  I admire the strength it sounds like you must have had.  You raised such a large family, but had so much love to go around.  I wish I could do the same.

I wish I had the chance to spend time with you, to see how you would have interacted with your family and how you would have handled all of the changes today.  I can only imagine it would be overwhelming, considering how different it is today than back then.

I hope Heaven is all that we imagine it to be and so much more.  By now, all of my other grandparents, including the love of your life, Grandpa Soules, have gone on to Heaven.  There are so many others as well, friends, family members, so many I long to see again and know; one day I will.  Some were gone way too young.  Watch over them all until we can all be together again.  I miss them so very very much.

I often wonder who you would be today.  I wonder about what talks we might have had, what your food might have tasted like when you cooked, and what you would have thought of my growing canning skills.  (Yes, Grandma, I can peaches with the skins on…. you’ll have to talk to Grandpa about that one.)  I wonder what advice you would give me about life, about the struggles we have, and what your voice would sound like as we talked.  I wonder if you would like our dogs, and if you would ever want to go for walks across the deep snow.

So many questions, so many unanswered things from a lifetime of never knowing you.  But one day, I will, and then nothing can take us apart.

For now, enjoy Heaven, enjoy being with our Father and all that the means.  Until we meet again,


One of the granddaughters you never knew


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