Month: January 2018

  • Snowshoe Escape

    Snowshoe Escape

    Photo from: Tim climbed up the next hill and stood at the top, overlooking the land.  He could see Audrey down below him, still struggling to get up.  She wasn’t used to the snowshoes yet, and climbing a hill on her third trip out probably wasn’t the best idea.  Still, they couldn’t stay where they…

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  • Snow On a Tree

    Snow on a tree, The shine shining down. Snow for those who ski, So they don’t need to frown. Snow on a tree, Cold is the weather. No need to flee, Snow’s as light as a feather. Snow on a tree, Bundle up warm Drink some hot tea And stay out of the storm.  

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  • January Social Media Challenge

    January Social Media Challenge

    Post for each day in January:   January 1- A goal for the new year. January 2-  Ask others what their resolutions/goals are. January 3- A picture of the weather. January 4- A book you most look forward to reading January 5- A song you love to hear. January 6- A wish for the coming…

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