January Social Media Challenge

Post for each day in January:


  • January 1- A goal for the new year.
  • January 2-  Ask others what their resolutions/goals are.
  • January 3- A picture of the weather.
  • January 4- A book you most look forward to reading
  • January 5- A song you love to hear.
  • January 6- A wish for the coming year.
  • January 7- Your favorite movie.
  • January 8- A movie you are looking forward to coming out in Theaters this year.
  • January 9- A picture of your family.
  • January 10- Share your favorite quote.
  • January 11- Your favorite food.
  • January 12- A new recipe you want to try.
  • January 13- A photo of your favorite winter activity.
  • January 14- A photo of your favorite winter beverage.
  • January 15- Update on how your goal(s) for the year are coming along.
  • January 16- Post your goals for the next 30 days.
  • January 17- Make a list of your favorite movies.
  • January 18- Share your favorite song from a YouTube Video.
  • January 19- A picture of the weather
  • January 20- Someone you would like to write a letter to.
  • January 21- Something/Someone that you miss
  • January 22- A place you would like to travel to.
  • January 23- Share a photo of something that is white.
  • January 24- Give an idea for a Valentines Day Gift
  • January 25- Share a quote for the New Year
  • January 26- Something you are thankful for
  • January 27- A wish for next month
  • January 28- A picture of the weather
  • January 29- Give a list of songs you like for working out.
  • January 30- A photo of something outside.
  • January 31- Your hopes for the month of February

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