Month: October 2017

  • October Challenge, Day 16

    Thankful Thursday… Really Thankful Monday, or Marvelous Monday   Marvelous Monday… Today I think it is Marvelous that I am married to an amazing man.

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  • October Challenge Day 15

    Link Love…. Share your favorite blog posts, articles, etc. Many of my favorite posts and articles come from here: This is a great site for teachers:  

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  • October Challenge Day 14

    What’s On Your Playlist? My playlist is a mix of TobyMac, country music, and a few other Worship songs.  Sometimes I throw in Oldies or other Christian artists.  Sometimes I throw in artists from today, just depends on what I feel like listening to.  I also listen to PodCast Addict a lot.

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  • October Challenge Day 13:

    Most of my favorite childhood memories revolve around the things we did together as a family.  Camping trips, wilderness camping at a special place in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, driving to other states to visit places like Gettysburg and the ocean, driving through the mountains of Kentucky; these are some of my favorite memories.  We explored…

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  • October Challenge Day 12

    My weekend Highlights: Last Weekend, October 6-8, we enjoyed dinner with people from our new Life Group, and then focused largely on Harvest Fest.  Harvest Fest is our biggest market of the year in Grayling.    

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  • October Challenge Day 11

    What/Who Inspires You the Most? People who inspire me the most are those who live from their whole heart, pursuing the truth, walking in light, and never give up even when things get so very tough.

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  • October Challenge, Day 10

    10 Things People Might Not Know About You:   I have loved books and magazines since I was very little.  In fact, for my 1st Christmas, I wanted to look at a Readers Digest instead of open gifts. I love quiet, calm places such as no-wake lakes. While I love most animals, dogs are among…

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  • October Challenge, Day 9

    Throwback Thursday….. might be more like Throwback Monday One of my brothers and I when we were little  

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  • October Challenge Day 8

    A Day In The Life of…   I’d prefer not to give too many details on this one, as I really don’t think people need an hour by hour play by of my life. I go to work, come home, and try to relax by writing, using the computer, or watching TV.  Some days I have…

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  • October Challenge Day 7

    Seven lessons I’ve learned so far this year (or lessons you already know that got reinforced this year.) Sometimes life throws you major curves and you just have to roll with it. Sometimes God sends you in directions you didn’t see coming. Life is hard, but hope is powerful. Things are not always what they…

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  • October Challenge Day 6

    Six Pet Peeves I have: When someone tailgates you when you are going the speed limit. When someone insists on telling you how to do something when you are supposed to be the expert. Messy Public toilets When someone doesn’t understand personal space Cutting in line. Pulling out in front of someone and turning.

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  • October Challenge Day 5

    My Top Favorite Movies: (I realize a lot of these are series, but how can you pick just one?) The 10th Kingdom (Really a mini-series but I think of it as a movie) Lord of the Rings Series Hobbit Series Pirates of the Caribbean Series Little Women

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