October Challenge, Day 10

10 Things People Might Not Know About You:


  1. I have loved books and magazines since I was very little.  In fact, for my 1st Christmas, I wanted to look at a Readers Digest instead of open gifts.
  2. I love quiet, calm places such as no-wake lakes.
  3. While I love most animals, dogs are among my favorite.
  4. I love to birdwatch and searched for a snowy owl for a long time.  I finally saw one for the first time a few years ago, and then saw three all in a few weeks.
  5. I love grape juice, especially when it is homemade.
  6.  I took my first steps in New York.
  7. I met my husband through e-Harmony.
  8. My husband and I both love to write.
  9. I have successfully completed NaNoWriMo 3 times, and hope to do so a 4th time in November.
  10. My longest unfinished work was at one point pushing 160,000 words until the computer crashed and I wasn’t able to recover the latest back-up copy.  Approx. 117,000 words were recovered.  If it is ever published, it will likely be several books.

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