October Challenge Day 13:

Most of my favorite childhood memories revolve around the things we did together as a family.  Camping trips, wilderness camping at a special place in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, driving to other states to visit places like Gettysburg and the ocean, driving through the mountains of Kentucky; these are some of my favorite memories.  We explored together as a family, went swimming in the ocean, caught waves on Lake Superior.  We laughed together, cried together, had fun together.  Also, some of my favorite memories are of playing with my siblings in our backyard and pretending we were in other time periods or in other worlds.  We could turn old drum barrels into horses, old metal frames into covered wagons, and bushes into hidden forts.  Our backyard was at least 8 acres, with well over 100 acres in the area for us to explore.  It was our playground.


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