Month: December 2017

  • New Year, New Opportunities

      New chances exercise commitments wonderful chances   Yearning for new beginnings excited for new opportunities advancing forward   racing towards the future.   Never look back embrace changes wonder what could be   Outdoors is the place to be. plan some trips onwards towards dreams really working hard to achieve goals uncertain of the future…

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  • Snowstorm Free Write

    15-minute free write on a snowstorm.   We drove along the slippery road until finally, Eavon pulled over to take a picture.  I was glad there was no one behind us.  The trees were beautiful with the fresh fallen snow, but Eavon didn’t exactly chose the safest places to stop and take photos.  We were in…

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  • 30 Writing Prompts

    Write about a canoe on a lake. 15-minute free-write, using the word sunshine at least five times. Write for ten minutes, describing snow. Make a list of words that start with W. Create a list of animals for every single letter of the alphabet. Write a story about a person who is following a fence.…

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