Writing Prompts January 24th to the 31st

  1. January 24…..Create a list of ideas for February.
  2. January 25…Write a story about someone’s hospital stay.
  3. January 26….Write a story about a car accident In the Winter time.
  4. January 27….Your pet dies, and as you dig a grave in your back yard, you come across a giant, ancient looking egg that starts to shake when you pick it up.
  5. January 28… Write a poem about the Sun glistening on the snow.
  6.  January 29….Create a list of things someone might need for a hospital stay.
  7. January 30 …. You are out in the woods with your friends when you come across a dead body. Who is it and what has happened?
  8. January 31…. You’re walking through the woods when you hear a strange noise coming from up in a tree.

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