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February Writing Prompts

  1. Write about a couple who falls in love after one of them is injured.
  2. Write a poem about the color red.
  3. You wake up one morning and it is snowing outside, except the snow is not white. What color is it and why?
  4. It is February 12. You and your spouse agreed in early February not to get each other anything for Valentine’s day. However, as you are cleaning, you come across a list from your spouse of items to get you for Valentine’s day, dated February 10th of this year. What items are on the list? How do you feel about your spouse making a list after you agreed not to get each other anything?
  5. Your child needs Valentines for school and wants to make them homemade. You need at least four different poems you can write up and print off so your child can paste on different cards, as they do not want everyone getting the exact same thing. Write four poems that would be appropriate for Valentine’s on an elementary student’s card.
  6. Write a fairy tale, using a character similar to Jack Frost to explain to young children why it is cold in February. Do not use the name Jack Frost. If you live in a part of the world where it is hot in February, change this around and have the fairy tale explain why it is hot.
  7. Give directions for building a snowman.
  8. Create a list of things to do outside in February. You should have a minimum of 20 things.
  9. Write about coworkers who are traveling together on buisness in the middle of winter , but an ice storm hits and they must stop at a local hotel.
  10. Choose a story you’ve written before, and rewrite it in a different genre.
  11. Create a list of at least 25 things that are pink in color.
  12. Write about someone who is planning a summer trip in the middle of February. What kinds of things do they need to think about? What lists do they need to make? How far in advance do they need to actually book anything?
  13. Write about a couple who meet at a cabin in the middle of nowhere in winter. One is there because they took a trip just to get away. Why is the other person there?
  14. Happy Valentine’s day! Write about four couples out to eat on Valentine’s day. One couple is fighting. Why? One couple gets along well with each other. Tell us more about them. Talk about the other two couples and their relationship.
  15. You meet somebody at a restaurant who’s eating the strangest sandwich you’ve ever seen. Describe what’s on the sandwich.
  16. You are gone on vacation for a week while a family friend watches the house. When you return, you open your fridge door to find your fridge is completely different. What did you have in your fridge before you went on vacation and what is in there now?
  17. Use a word related to Valentine’s day, such as valentine, chocolate, roses, dating, etc. and create an acrostic poem.
  18. Write about a girl who tries to give a boy a box of chocolates and gets rejected. Why is she rejected?
  19. Write about a young man who decides to propose to his significant other on Valentine’s day. He plans a huge proposal, including a flash mob, fancy dinner, and something else. At the end of the night, his proposal gets rejected. What else did he have planned and why did his proposal get rejected?
  20. Some college students decide to have a party outside in the snow. They have to make sure they don’t get caught because they don’t want to get into trouble. Where do they have their party? Why are they afraid of getting into trouble? How do they keep everyone warm? What kinds of foods and drinks do they have at their party and how do they keep from getting caught?
  21. A blizzard hits a small village in the middle of February, leaving students and teachers stranded at school. How are they going to survive in the school for a couple of days? What did they eat, where do they sleep, how does the staff keep everyone safe and happy?
  22. You are a writer, working on a list of 31 writing prompts. Create 31 prompts for March.
  23. A young girl wants her grandfather to buy her a white hat to wear outside in the snow. Her grandfather refuses. What is his reasoning? Does the young girl get a hat at all, or does something else happen?
  24. A pack of wolves is following a herd of elk through the snow, but they are not hungry. The elk are in danger but it is not from the wolves. Who are the elk endangered from?Why are the wolves following the elk?
  25. Two teenagers get lost in the snow in the wilderness. They come across an abandoned cabin and manage to get inside. When they open the cupboards, there’s a little bit of food. What food do they find? How will they keep warm? Who does the cabin belong to and will the owners find the teenagers?
  26. You sit down to eat your favorite meal, when a fly lands in your food. What is your favorite meal? Do you choose to continue eating your food, or throw it out?
  27. Write about two people in a hospital. One is being born on a cold February day while the other one is dying on a cold February day. When will the baby be born? What will their family be like? Who is dying? Why are they dying?
  28. You try to make a new flavor of Pop. What does it taste like? What ingredients do you put in it?

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