Month: April 2021

  • 10 Words to Describe Clouds

    10 Words to Describe Clouds

    10 Words to describe clouds without using the word cloud: Fluffy White Grey Cotton Dark Hazy Overcast Puffy Creamy Ominous

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  • Sites To Check Out:

    A place for various sites I find that may be useful for writing. Post-apocalyptic society names (

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  • Rain of Rebuilding Hope V

    Rain of Rebuilding Hope V

    Raven stood next to the tank, shifting her feet nervously as she watched her brother and his men approach the truck. His black boots kicked out pebbles along the road as he walked, his weapon swung up over his shoulder. She was annoyed at his insistence she stay back. She could handle anything that came […]

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  • May 2021 Writing Prompts

    May 2021 Writing Prompts

    Write a modern day nursery rhyme. Using only the ad for a local grocery store, create a list of groceries that would get a character through a week on just $25. Describe something a young child spots in the sky at night. Come up with a different meaning for “May the 4th be with you.” […]

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  • Rain of Rebuilding Hope IV

    Rain of Rebuilding Hope IV

    The door flung open, and he felt their bony fingers against his skin. They clawed at him, and he knew it was only a matter of seconds before they were into his flesh. He braced himself for the pain that would come, and then the darkness that would follow. It never came. Gunshots rang out, […]

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  • Rain of Rebuilding Hope III

    Rain of Rebuilding Hope III

    Dayken slowly opened his eyes. His mind felt foggy and he couldn’t figure out where he was at first, but then it came back to him all at once. He was in the truck, with Brody. They’d been out scavenging all day, and were headed back to their base with the few things they’d found […]

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  • Rain of Rebuilding Hope II

    Rain of Rebuilding Hope II

    They wove around curves and up and down hills, with the rain falling hard on the windshield. When the road finally grew flat, he pushed down on the gas pedal until the vehicle reached 70. There was a time when he would have worried about getting pulled over going so fast in a 55, but […]

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  • Rain of Rebuilding Hope

    Rain of Rebuilding Hope

    Alistair stood on the porch watching the rain fall on the trees and bushes in the backyard. He glanced at their rain barrels. They were nearly full now, and should give them at least enough water for a couple of days. He breathed a sigh of relief. Going to the river for water was tough […]

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