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Rain of Rebuilding Hope IV

The door flung open, and he felt their bony fingers against his skin. They clawed at him, and he knew it was only a matter of seconds before they were into his flesh. He braced himself for the pain that would come, and then the darkness that would follow. It never came.

Gunshots rang out, and one by one the biters began to drop by the door. Dayken tried to see who was firing, but there were too many of the biters. He looked over at Brody, and found him still unconscious, blood running down his neck now from his head wounds. In a moment, the biters were gone, their bodies lay on the hood of the car and on the ground, and there was silence. It was beautiful at first. No more scraping, growling and pounding, just silence. Slowly the beauty of the silence began to fade as Dayken realized he had no idea who was firing and if they were friendly or not. Ever since everything had gone down, since society had fallen and the government was no longer in place, it seemed anarchy ruled. Sure, there were those who were trying to maintain law and order, but there were too few of them to keep everyone in check. Friends were few and far between these days.

The silence grew deafening and he found himself leaning out the door to see if he could tell who had been firing. He couldn’t see beyond the truck, and the stack of biters in the way. He sat quietly, listening for the sound of birds, or a vehicle, or voices, anything that would let him know he wasn’t alone. There was nothing.

Then suddenly it came, almost as quickly as the silence had come, footsteps. They were soft at first, then grew louder as they approached the truck. Dayken’s heart began to race and he nudged Brody, hoping he finally wake up. His partner kept on sleeping, but he could see he was still breathing. At least there was that. The last thing he needed was a biter right in the truck with him. Glancing in the backseat, he could see their weapons, but they were still out of reach.

The footsteps grew closer and closer, and with each step, his heart seemed to beat faster. He closed his eyes, then forced them open again as he heard them approach the door. The minutes seemed to drag by until finally he saw them. Black boots. Standing on the edge of the road, near the truck.


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