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May 2021 Writing Prompts

  1. Write a modern day nursery rhyme.
  2. Using only the ad for a local grocery store, create a list of groceries that would get a character through a week on just $25.
  3. Describe something a young child spots in the sky at night.
  4. Come up with a different meaning for “May the 4th be with you.” In a world where Star Wars doesn’t exist, what else could this phrase mean?
  5. Research a solider who died in a war and write a fictional short story of something that happened during their time in the military from their perspective.
  6. Write about a family who immigrates from one country to another. What customs do they find are different? What is the same?
  7. Describe grass, including the color, without using the word green.
  8. Write a poem about May.
  9. Create an acrostic poem for your mother, and/or honoring the women in your life.
  10. Write about a character who has superpowers. What power do they have? How did they get that power?
  11. Create an acrostic poem about blossoms.
  12. Describe the journey a bee takes to pollinate flowers, from the perspective of a squirrel watching the bee from the trees.
  13. Rewrite the story from yesterday, from the perspective of the bee.
  14. Chipmunks are known for digging tunnels underground. Write about a chipmunk who doesn’t like to dig. Why doesn’t the chipmunk like to dig? How will they make tunnels instead?
  15. Describe the growth of a flower, from the perspective of the flower.
  16. Some friends are gathering for a cookout when they begin to argue about what’s on the grill. What are they grilling and why?
  17. Write a poem about today’s weather.
  18. Create an advertisement for the first city on Mars.
  19. Write a blog post on how to take care of a plant. The type of plant can be vague, or specific.
  20. What is your bucket list for this summer? Write it down.
  21. Where do you want to be as a writer in five years? Write at least a paragraph about your goals.
  22. Using the goal list from yesterday, outline a plan to reach your goals.
  23. Write an informational blog post for a zoo about one of the endangered animals there.
  24. Create a limerick about flowers growing.
  25. A young boy is in danger. What is threatening him? How can he escape?
  26. Describe a senior’s last day of high school. What emotions do they have? What do they do?
  27. Write about seniors in high school who are trying to create the best senior prank ever. What do they do?
  28. A girl finds a dragon scale under her pillow. Why is it there? Where did it come from?
  29. A family finds a mermaid tail while walking along the beach. Where did the mermaid go?
  30. Create a limerick about barbeque.
  31. A teenager discovers the world is not as it seems. What is the discovery?

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