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Rain of Rebuilding Hope XII

“Have you seen Draven?”  The soldier stared at Raven, expecting an answer.  She had been staring out the windows in the long hallway of the campus building.  They’d turned an old college campus into a refuge for the entire group.  Her brother had some of their people take fencing from a local prison to surround the campus.  When that hadn’t been enough, they scrounged up fencing from area businesses until the entire campus was surrounded.  This left them many buildings and dorm rooms, including the educational medical unit left behind when the college closed.  It wasn’t as great as a hospital, but still gave them a good medical unit and her brother had found doctors and nurses to work for them.  “Ma’am?”  The soldiers

voice drew her out of her thoughts.

She hesitated.  He’d gone looking for Mary, and given her strict orders not to tell anyone else, but that was hours ago.  She swallowed and shook her head.  “Not recently.  Last I knew, he was heading to the medical ward.”  It was the truth.  Mary would be in the medical ward, and he would have gone there looking for her.  The soldiers would probably think he was just checking on Brody.  Up until a few minutes ago, she’d been by his side the entire time and her brother had never come, but the others wouldn’t know that.

The soldier nodded.  “I’ll check there.  Your fiance is Brody, right?”

She nodded and forced a smile.  “He’s in our ICU unit.”

“I hope he’s all right, ma’am.”  

“He’s stable, but time will tell.”  The doctors had told her he had a broken leg, and some internal injuries, as well as a concussion.  He was in a coma, and hadn’t woken up at all yet, but there was still hope for him to recover, and for that, she was thankful.  

“Well, I’ll say a prayer for him.”  The man winked at her before hurrying out of the room.

She drew in a deep breath and glanced out the window.  It wasn’t likely that Mary had turned him down.  She’d told her yes, and Raven couldn’t imagine the nurse had changed her mind in the few minutes it took for Draven to get to her.  Still, if she had turned him down, he would have been devastated.  He would have gone to the only place he could be alone, a little pond through the forest he’d left at the center of campus.  

Her heart was pounding as she began the walk across campus to try to find her brother.  She found him by the pond, and noticed him wiping tears from her eyes as she got close to him.  She felt confused.  Mary shouldn’t have turned him down, but it appeared she had.

“You ok?”  Raven laid a hand gently on her brother’s back.  Draven shook his head and wiped another tear from his eye.  “She turned you down?”  It was a question, but she wasn’t even sure she need to ask.

She was surprised when her brother shook his head.  “I couldn’t ask her.  I wanted to, but when it came down to it, I asked her if she’d be my personal nurse.  I couldn’t bring myself to ask her out.”

She glared at her brother.  “Whyever not?”

He shrugged.  “I was too afraid she’d turn me down.”

“Draven, you have to go back and ask her.  She’ll never say yes if you don’t ask.”

“I can’t.”  He stood up taller and wiped more tears from his eyes.  His face was serious, his eyes narrowed.  “I won’t set myself up for that.  I just can’t.”


“Shut up!  I don’t want to hear it.  I’m not asking her out, and that’s the end of it.  It was a stupid idea to begin with.”

Raven stared at her brother.  She knew there was no talking to him when he got like this, but her heart broke for him.  He needed someone in his life.  Without Mary, none of her plans were going to work.


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