Month: January 2013

  • Sleep Till Spring

    Spring will come But for now, we rest Dormant are some Waiting to give their best Blossoms may grow As green leaves sprout Grass we will mow Just don’t pout. But for this time These plants will sleep. Now as you rhyme Just count some sheep.

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  • North Country

    If you’re going to live in North County, you’d better have a strong roof.  You’d better be prepared for cold, for snow and ice.  If you’re going to live in Northern Michigan, know that the weather can change in five minutes, literally. If you’re going to live in the snow belt, be prepared to dig…

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  • Ice Storm Part Three

    For Part Two: I peered through the peephole to see Reeves standing there.  I rolled my eyes and hesitated   I didn’t want to let him in, but I’d better.  I opened the door to find him coughing into his fist uncontrollably.  “You don’t sound very good.” “I feel awful.  I wish I could find a place to…

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  • Shopping with $25

    Object: Look through a local store paper and see what you can get with $25 in groceries What you can get for $25 based on a store paper: Cheese- $6 for 3– purchased 1 @ $2 Apples- $1.18 a pound, purchased 1 3 lb bag, total cost= $3.54 Pork Loin- $1.67 a pound, purchased 5…

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  • Ice Storm, Part 2 I walked cautiously back across the ice into the hotel room.  I slid my room key into the door and heard the beep which let me know it was open to go in.  Inside the room, I set my phone on the nightstand and headed for the bathroom.  I was relieved that Reeves got…

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  • Little Village

    Little village In the valley Covered fresh With a coat of white Little town going down Around a curve, Down a hill, Through the snow Little Village laying low Softly covered Under a blanket of snow Laying in dormant

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  • It Began With a Dream VII

    It Began With a Dream VII

    For previous parts: Nadalia wasn’t sure what to do.  Somehow she had to get help, but she wasn’t about to make her way back to the village.  She wondered where the horses had gone off to, she didn’t see either of them.  Nadalia heard a sounded behind her…

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  • Dog In The Snow

    Write a poem about a dog in the snow.  Make every other line rhyme My dog went to play in the snow The snow was wet The wind it did blow My dog wanted me to let Him chase a crow I made a bet He would be too slow The snow made him wet…

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  • Simple People

    I was raised in a simple family, no electric, no running water.  We were known as the Plain People, people who wore plan clothes, turned our backs on things like electricity, movies, modern conveniences.  These things and more were considered to be evil by my people, hindrances to our faith and to our loyalty to our Father. As I grew…

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  • It Began With A Dream, VI

    Preview parts of this story: Nadalia cautiously opened the trunk’s lid and peered out.  It seemed every bone in her body throbbed, but she was alive.  She looked around with just the crack of the lid opened.  She could see no movement, the only sound was a crow making a…

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  • “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. ” Martin Luther King, Jr.

    With today being Martin Luther King Day, I thought I would do something a little different; I’m writing about a quote from Martin Luther King…. “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. ” Martin Luther King, Jr. To me, this quote means that the day we become silent…

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  • Mallard Duck

    Moving Along a Lake Looking Around for food Ready to fly from Danger Doing their thing Using their instincts Cruising the water Kicking along

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