It Began With A Dream IV

Previous parts of the story:

Nadalia hurried down the pathway towards the woods.  If she was in luck, she could avoid the soldiers who normally guarded the path because they would be doing their morning changeover.  The closer she got, the more she realized her luck wasn’t going to hold out.  She quickly dodged towards the stables, hoping she wouldn’t be spotted closely enough to be identified.  She was hoping they would just think she was a stable hand off to her morning duties.

The stable smelled strongly of manure.  She wondered if the hands were really doing their job; she could do better.  She paused for a moment and listened; no footsteps, she must be safe.  Nadalia walked into the stable and looked around.  Just through the other doors of the stables sat Master Grenlins wagon.  Master Grenlin was in charge of making sure the school ran well.  He would often make frequent trips to other villages, gathering supplies, and checking their schools as well.  His wagon usually held supplies for each district to use.

Nadalia walked to the stable doors and checked for anyone who might see her.  There was no one in sight, but in the distance, she could hear the school bells ringing.  Attendance would be taken, and they would know she wasn’t there.  Peter’s lie would buy her a good hour and a half still, there were many dishes and she wouldn’t be expected until the next class.  Master Grenlins would do the morning announcements, then head to the wagon to move to the next village.  Nadalia saw her chance.  She pushed the stable doors opened, hurried to the wagon, and crawled inside the wagon to look around.

The cart was lined with shelves, which held food, bandages, soaps, towels and other supplies.  Five wooden trunks lined the floor.  She opened them one by one to find blankets folded up neatly.  Each blanket was the same color, and she recognized it right away; they were blankets for another hall filled with children and teens, much like her own.  The soldiers like to keep everything the same; no one was supposed to be different.  It was fair that way, they taught her.

Nadia heard another bell chime, and knew her time was up.  The bells were played again at the end of announcements , to show the start of class.  Master Grenlins would be on his way here.  Quickly, she pulled some of the blankets out of the trunk, stuffed them behind the towels, and climbed inside the trunk.  She closed the lid down and prayed that she might be safe.  This was her only chance now.


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