Ice Storm Part Three

For Part Two:

IMG_9256I peered through the peephole to see Reeves standing there.  I rolled my eyes and hesitated   I didn’t want to let him in, but I’d better.  I opened the door to find him coughing into his fist uncontrollably.  “You don’t sound very good.”

“I feel awful.  I wish I could find a place to get some meds.”

“What about that little store in the lobby?”

“Store?  I don’t remember a store?”

Reeves was notorious for forgetting things, or not observing things around him.  “Yeah, I’m just headed there myself.  I’m starving.”

I walked over to grab my phone and purse, went out of the room and closed the door.  Reeves followed.  We scooted across the parking lot to the lobby cautiously.  The lobby clerk greeted us and asked if we needed anything.  I asked about food and was surprised to learn that they offered a free Continental breakfast.  The clerk pointed out which room it was in, and we headed for breakfast.

Breakfast was good, cereal, bagels, fruit, yogurt, pancakes, just about anything we could have wanted.  While we ate,  I scanned the weather on my phone; another winter storm was following the ice we had gotten.  It appeared we would be snowed in for the next couple of days.  I stuffed a couple packs of cereal, a banana, apple, and yogurt into my purse.  Who knew how long before we could get on the road, and I had no food for lunch. I hoped the store would have something; our rooms came with microwaves and mini-fridges, so at the very least we might be able to prepare something from the store.

Before leaving the breakfast room, I called up Dr. Carter and told him what was going on.  He had been worried about us, but was watching the storm and figured we would be held up.  He told me to use the company credit card I had to cover our room, food costs, and other expenses for the next several days.  I told him I wasn’t sure the hotel had much for food except breakfast, but he assured me he would take care of it if they didn’t.

When breakfast was over with, we headed to the little store to see what they had.  Reeves was able to find some cold medicine and headed back to his room.  The way he looked, I was sure he would be sleeping most of the day.  I was pleasantly surprised to find the store offered clothing and a few groceries.  It had the hotels logo on it, of course, “Sticks Inn, The Best Little Inn in the middle of nowhere,” but it was better than nothing.  I purchased a couple of t-shirts,  a sweatshirt, sweatpants, underclothing, laundry soap, and a few grocery’s then headed back to my room to drop the groceries off.  I changed into the sweatshirt and sweatpants, then headed to the laundry room.  At least now I could be clean.


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