It Began With A Dream Part II


For Part one, go here….

Nadalia was startled by a knock on the door.  Vicky’s voice came through from the other side “Hurry up!  It’s not even your turn, Nadalia!”

Vicky seem to have it in for her, but she didn’t know why.  She sighed.  They even had assigned bathroom times, and she had broken that rule.  But she was tired of playing by the rules, tired of doing what they wanted her to do.  She stood up straight, turned the water off and grabbed the towel from it’s rack.  If she was going to have to face the world, she had better at least look presentable.  She wiped the water off her face, put the towel back, and opened the door.

Vicky stood, waiting for her.  “Move, fatso!  It’s not your turn!”  She grabbed Nadalia’s arm and pulled her out of the bathroom, stepped inside and slammed the door.  Nadalia rolled her eyes then hurried to her bunk to get dressed.  The only two outfits she owned hung over the edge of the bed.  She rotated which one she wore each day, and was rarely allowed to wash them.  Sometimes, when they got really dirty, she would slip one into the bathroom with her when it was her turn, wash it, and return it to dry at the end of her bunk.  No one question it, no one even bothered to check her bunk unless she didn’t show up for school or at the assembly for her job assignment.

The soldiers kept everyone well educated, or at least they claimed to.  From the time she was a small child, Nadalia had been taught to obey the soldiers  to trust them.  She had been taught the history of her country, how they had been attacked and most of the parents killed, how some parents abandoned their children for fear they would slow them down in an attempt to escape, and how the soldiers were the ones who rescued the lost children and cared for them.

Nadalia wasn’t entirely sure the history was accurate.  She could vaguely remember her mother talking about a history of their people, how the government had gotten stronger, how they had slowly lost their freedom and their weapons had been taken from them.  Nadalia wasn’t sure what the history was, but she knew she must find out.

For now, though, breakfast called.  The dinging of a bell three times told her she had been lost so deeply in thought that she had missed the other bells.  Three bells meant a last warning for any food at all.  Those who didn’t come, lost their chance to eat for the day.  She hurried out the dorms and down the side walk to the cafeteria door.  Inside the cafeteria, Peter waved his arms frantically in an attempt to get her attention.  She walked to his side and started to say hello, but he pulled her down to the bench next to him.

“Where have you been?”

“I had a dream again, and..”

“Shh!  They will hear you.”

She gave Peter a quizzical look.  “Who?”

Peter motioned with the tip of his chin towards two soldiers standing in the corner.  “I was worried sick!  Last night, I heard them talking while the boys were going to sleep.”

Nadalia rolled her eyes.  Soldiers talking?  Of course!  It was like saying birds flew.

“No, this is serious, Nadie.”  Peter was the only one allowed to call Nadalia any kind of nickname and get away with it.  He couldn’t let anyone else hear anyways, if the wrong person heard, the punishment for misusing a name was severe.

Nadalia was concerned by Peter’s voice.  “What’s wrong, Peter?”


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