Ice Storm, Part 2


I walked cautiously back across the ice into the hotel room.  I slid my room key into the door and heard the beep which let me know it was open to go in.  Inside the room, I set my phone on the nightstand and headed for the bathroom.  I was relieved that Reeves got a separate room, I wanted to be alone right now and Reeves scared me sometimes.  He seemed to have a little crush on me, but I didn’t return the feelings.  A day and night in the same set of clothes left me feeling filthy.  I cleaned up the best I could under the circumstances.  I wished our boss hadn’t insisted we send our luggage on ahead of us this trip.

I work for an office supply company, Shortlink.  Their motto; a short link between you and your office needs.  The CEO of Shortlink, Dr. Ryan Carter, was sending several of my fellow employees and myself to an important meeting with Office Stuff, one of our biggest rivals.  Rumor had it that Office Stuff was in trouble and they might be looking to merge with another company.  Dr. Carter sent us from Michigan down to Florida for the big meeting.  We were supposed to be in a fancy hotel right now, our suitcases delivered to us, nice rooms with meal delivery and great service.  Instead, we were stuck here in the middle of nowhere with ice on the ground and no power, but for the generator.

I was really starting to get hungry.  We hadn’t packed any food with us, but I remembered seeing a small store that was part of the hotel entrance when we checked in.  Each of our rooms exited to the outdoors, so in order to go to the main entrance, I was going to have to cross the parking lot again.  I walked out of the bathroom and across the room to the door.  I was just about to open it when there was a loud knock.



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