Shelter in the Storm

Winter still hangs on, and so they cling to the little warmth they can find.  It isn’t much, just a small feeder someone put up and a little bit of food in it.  But it keeps them warm.

The doves had traveled for many miles searching for food.  It had been a tough winter, and they were so happy to find a little food and shelter from the winter storm.  The other birds in the area seemed kind enough and they knew everything was going to be all right.

The snow made everything blurry and they couldn’t see very far, but their instincts told them they were safe here.  For now, they would rest up and when the storm ceased, they would head out to continue their journey.


They wondered how long the storm would last.  Both doves had seen plenty of storms all winter, and they weren’t surprised by this one.  Soon, very soon, spring would arrive and with it they would have food in surplus, warm weather, and life would begin anew.  For now though they were just grateful for this shelter, this place to hide from the storm and enjoy a good meal.  If only they could find more places like this along their journey.  But at least they had this place for now.






1one.  Image


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