Busy Bees


Maryland watched the bees fly from flower to flower in search of the pollen they needed to take back to their hives.   It was her favorite time of year, spring.  On the farm, they were just moving into the busy time of year, plants in the ground, baby animals purchased and put in their pens, and plans made for the coming year.  It was a busy time, preparing for the harvest that would come in the fall, but Maryland looked forward to it.  Winter was gone, and life was once again being renewed.

She stood on the farmhouse porch for a few minutes, staring at the bees as they flew from flower to flower.  They were busy just like the farm workers, and just like the farm workers, they would have a plentiful harvest to get them through the winter.  She stepped off the porch and walked a few feet, her barefoot soaking in the fresh green grass she had waited so long to see.  She looked up at the blue skies and smiled as the sun shone on her face.  It was a beautiful day and she was going to enjoy every minute of it.  She took a step in the direction of the barn, and felt a sharp pain in her foot.  “OW!”   The stinging didn’t stop and her brain registered quickly that she had gotten stung.  She turned, limping back towards the house.  It wasn’t an easy walk but she managed and soon she was able to pull up a chair and plop down into it.  “Mom!  Mom, come quick I’ve been stung!”

Her mother came running down the stairs.  She flew through the living room and into the farm kitchen.  “Daniel, call 911.  Maryland’s been stung.”  Her mother’s voice carried across the house and Maryland could hear her brother running to the phone.  Her mother turned to her.  “Where?  How did this happen?”  She headed straight for the kitchen cupboard where Maryland’s epi-pen was kept in the medicine box.

“I wanted to feel the grass beneath my feet again, and” she could feel her throat begin to close, her breath being taken from her.  “And…”

“Oh, it doesn’t matter.  Don’t talk.”  Her mom pulled out the epi-pen, pulled off the cap and jammed into Marylands thigh.  Maryland could hardly breath now, and she was praying the ambulance came soon.  She could hear her brother talking with the 911 operator, hear her mother’s voice telling her to try to breath, then nothing.  Her whole world went blank.


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