How do you make writing a priority?

So it’s been over a month now since I’ve blogged, and I find myself wondering how exactly I can make writing more of a priority.  With going back for my Masters degree,  searching for a job, and helping on the farm, I just can’t seem to be able to squeeze in writing time.  I know I need to.  If it’s important, they say you’ll find time to do it.  But yet again, and again I keep failing at it.  It is important to me.  I want to write.  I guess I’ve just been doing other types of writing; mostly  reports for my classes and lesson plans. By the time I’m done, my hands hurt and I don’t want to type anymore.  I’m lucky to squeeze in piano practice here and there.  But I want to write fiction, I need to write fiction, it just a matter of somehow finding the time and energy to do it.


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