Twas the Night Before March,

Twas the night before March, and all through the Midwest,

Not a creature was stirring, not even a pest.

The sandals and shorts were pulled out with a cheer.

In hopes that Jack Frost would soon disappear.

The children were curled up nearby the fire,

While they plotted out cruises they could acquire.

And mama in her flannel, I in my long johns,

Prayed for the sun to come at the break of dawn.

When out in the snow banks there came a loud bang,

Up from my bed I indeed did sprang.

Away to the window I flew in like the wind.

Threw open the curtains and pulled up the blind.

The moon tried to hide, but I could see it so clear.

The sparkles it left made me wish spring was near.

But instead of spring, I saw snow upon snow

And a wind that didn’t seem to cease to blow.

With feet of snow still piling up,

And the flurries way more than filling our cup,

I knew we needed spring to come fast and come soon,

But winter’s grasp held so tight I might need a cocoon

I screamed to myself, and to all that would hear

For much more of this was just too much to bear.

“Come flowers, and sunshine, and green things to all,

Come warm, open water, and leaved out trees so tall.”

“Come barbeques and picnics, critters and camping,

Come shorts and flip-flops, sunglasses and swimming ,

Volleyball the beach where nothings a bore.

Bonfires, smores, rainstorms and more.

Gardening, and birding, walking the dog,

Hiking outdoors in the early morning fog.

Come spring, come summer,

Without you, life is a bummer.”

I wish I could say that my words made a difference,

But winter seems to ignore our resistance.

So for now, we batten down the hatches

Trying to stay warm and secure all the latches.

Cold it may be, but it can’t last forever.

Jack Frost must soon loose his endeavor.

Until then, we bundle with layer up on layer,

Hope that winter will not be a stayer.

The snowflakes may fall, and the wind it will blow

But for now we’ll just have to put on an ice show.

We’ll carve our way out and make things look pretty.

At least that way we be looked on with pity.

We’ll haul out our sleds and check out the hills,

Grab snowshoes and skis as we fight off the chill.

We’ll have fun indoors as we find things to do,

Watch movies, nibble popcorn and play a game of Clue.

And so for now, I’ll crawl back into bed,

Take awhile and just rest my head.

I will do some writing and read another book,

Then go to the window and take another look.

And maybe, just maybe I will finally see

A hint of spring, perhaps even a bee.

When spring comes, I can finally say

Happy spring to all!  I hope it’s here to stay.



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