Snowed In


The snow fell gently on the ground and trees, creating a soft blanket where it landed.  Hannah smiled as she watched it land softly.  Snowed in.  Those were the words Hank had used.  She wasn’t sure they were quite snowed in yet, but if this snow kept up, they would be.
That was the downside to living in the middle of nowhere; it didn’t take much to leave them stuck.  Still, they had plenty of food and supplies set aside,including a generation Hank had insisted they get for times when they lost power.  They had no television, and not many electronics, but the fridge and washer ran of electric and with five small children, it was a lot easier if they kept it going.  Wood heat kept the house nice and warm, and they didn’t need power to run the outdoor wood furnace.  Hank was out chopping more firewood but they didn’t really need it.  It was good to be prepared though.  Hannah moved to the kitchen and began working on supper.  Hank would be in within an hour or so, and he would be hungry.  Chopping wood might not mean a lot of moving about, but it was a lot of work nonetheless.

She pulled a bag of tator tots out of the freezer and set them on the counter.  She tried to bend down and open a cupboard to take out a glass pan, but her stomach got in the way.  Hannah smiled and laid a hand on her growing belly.  She was grateful for the life growing inside of her, even if it did cause inconveniences sometimes.  “Tilly!  Tilly, come here please!”

Little steps across the floor told her the child had heard her and obeyed right away.  All of her children were good kids, but some were quicker to listen than others.  “Yes, mama?”

Tilly seemed so mature for the young age of five.  “Can you help me please?  Hand mama that glass dish down there, the big pan.”

…… To Be continued.


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