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Snowed In Part Three

Hannah made her way to the kitchen, arms full of the veggies for the family meal.  She was almost to the counter when she heard a big crash and a scream from the playroom.  The scream was followed by cries.  Hannah threw the jars and cans on the counter, and ran for the playroom.  Entering the room, she quickly scanned the environment to see what had happened.  The bookshelves which had held the children’s toys were laying across the doorway, and she had to push them out of the way.  The screams from the room were ear-piercing, but at least they told her the girls were not unconscious or crushed by the bookcases.  It took her a few moments before she could push the bookcases back enough to get through.  Really, she shouldn’t be moving anything this heavy but all she wanted was to find her children.

Find Part Two here: https://myamuseinglife.com/2015/01/03/snowed-in-part-two/

Character Notes:

Hannah- Mom

Hank- Dad

Felix- 7 Years Old

Parker- 5 Years Old

Tilly- 5 Years Old

Dixie- 3 Years Old

Clay- 1 Years Old


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