February Social Media song challenge

For the month of February, post a song for each of the following….

1. Your favorite song
2. A song that gives hope
3. A funny song
4. A song for working out
5. A favorite childhood song.
6. A song for travelling.
7. A blues song
8. A rap song
9. A country song
10. A song that makes you laugh
11. A song that makes you cry.
12. A song of worship
13. A rock song
14. A song for your true love
15. A popular song from the nineties
16. A tv show song
17. A children’s tv show song
18. A church song
19. A song with special meaning to you
20. A song from high school
21. A popular song from the sixties
22. A song to represent your family
23. Swing music/ Ska
24. A song for tough times
25. Your favorite classical song
26. A song from a movie
27. A song sung live
28. A parody song


Leap year…. 29. A song to lift you up


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