No books please

10419581_10100649554090710_699094202837306636_nStory in the future where people choose electronics over books….. People hide their books

Anna clung to her book and tried to listen for the sound of the soldiers boots coming across the floor. She heard nothing, but her mind raced, and her heart filled with fear. She held her book more tightly. It was such a special resource, and she hated the thought of anyone taking.  After a moment of no sound, she went back to reading.  It was a book full of adventure and romance and every page drew her in.  She loved the way the pages felt between her fingers, and the smell of the book.  Electronic books, which were legal, were just not the same.

She had heard rumors of a time when books were not outlawed.  Her great-grandmother spoke of a time when books were read freely, and electronic devices were discouraged.  It was no longer true.  To be caught with a book now meant certain punishment.

A knock came on her door, and she jumped.  “Anna, are you in there?”  It was her mother.

“Yes.”  The door flung open, and there her mother stood, arms crossed with a scowl on her face.

“I’ve been calling you for ten minutes, child.  You need to answer me when I call.”  There was a moment of silence as her mother realized what she held in her arms and was now trying to hide.  Her mother’s face turned from a look of anger to a look of horror.  “Anna Grace!  Give that here, NOW!  If you want to read, get out your tablet!”

Anna glared at her mother, pulled the book tighter to her body, and said “NO!”


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