March Social Media Challenge

Book a Day Social Media Challenge

March is Reading Month!  For the month of March, post a picture or book title for each of the following:

  1. A book about animals
  2. A book about a child
  3. A book about a teacher
  4. A book about a dog
  5. A book about a farmer
  6. A mystery book
  7. A science fiction book
  8. A fantasy book
  9. A poetry book
  10. A non-fiction book
  11. A romance book
  12. A realistic fiction story
  13. A historical fiction book
  14. A classic fiction book
  15. A book with at least one song
  16. Your favorite book
  17. Your least favorite book (That you’ve actually read.)
  18. Your favorite poem
  19. Your favorite site to read articles online
  20. Your favorite children’s book
  21. Your favorite teen fiction book
  22. A book that’s on your “to-read” list.
  23. A book you have yet to finish
  24. What you are currently reading
  25. Your favorite magazine to read
  26. Favorite fairy tale
  27. Favorite myth
  28. A biography or autobiography you’ve read
  29. Your favorite textbook
  30. Any poem you want to share
  31. A poem you recently discovered



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