Leaving Blanco

She didn’t know how to explain that she couldn’t go forward anymore.  They fought hard because they knew it was worth fighting for.  The bus ride home was long and noisy.  It have her time to think. She wasn’t sure how to tell him she was done, but there was no choice. 

The bus was crowded today and smelled like rubber and people who hadn’t bathed in days.  She wanted to get away as soon as possible, but she couldn’t.  It was too far to walk home without riding at least part way.  Besides, her left shoe was almost worn through and with the rain coming down as it was, she would get soaked. 

    She watched a dog run down the street, its wet fur dripping from raindrops.  He was a cute little fellow, with curly white hair and a small black nose.  The bus
came to a stop, and she got a better look at the dog.  He had a small black patch on his left paw, and a heart shaped patch on his chest.  ” I could only dream of owning such a dog, ” she thought to herself. 


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