Drive-Through Note

Writing Prompt:
You find a note tucked in your drive-through fast food bag.



The note was tucked into my drive-through bag.  It sent chills down my spine when I read the words.  “I’m not giving up.”  I looked around, expecting to see him staring at me but he was nowhere to be found.  I sighed and jammed the note back into the bag.  For a moment, I considered going back into the restaurant to demand the workers tell me who had written the note, but I didn’t need to. I knew.  He was back, and there was nothing I could do to stop him.  All I could do was run, run as fast and as far as I could and hope he didn’t find me.

I pulled out the note again and flipped it over.  The words “Time’s up.” were scribbled in small print at the bottom.  My eyes grew wider as I looked around once again. I didn’t see him, but somehow I knew he was there.  There might not be any escaping this time.  I shoved the note back into the bag, threw the car into reverse and pulled out of the parking space.  I floored it and looked around to see if anyone was following me.  I couldn’t see anyone but it was hard to tell for sure.  131 was such a busy highway, especially where it met with M-66.  I wanted to go home, but instead I headed for the next town over.  There was no turning back now.

Kip whined from the back seat and I could hear Kat adjusting her body.  They knew something was up.  I was just grateful they were with me.  I couldn’t go home, not now but to leave them behind would have been unbearable.  From now on, I was going to have to take them with me everywhere just to be safe.  That’s if we could get away.  I had no idea how much he knew or how close he was to me, but I did know I was out of time.


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