Just One More Hill Part 2


For part one, see https://myamuseinglife.com/2016/05/03/just-one-more-hill/

Molly looked around, wondering what to do next.  She wondered how long they would really. be here and thought of home, of how much she missed it right now.  She thought of how earlier in the day, they had tried to take a short cut back to camp but it turned out not to be a short cut.  They got their directions all mixed up and ended up lost, with no cell phone service where they were.

“I’ll take him.”  Jonathan’s voice drew her back into the current moment.  Peter was starting to stir in his front carrier.  She carefully lifted the front carrier off her body and handed the infant to her husband.  “We need a fire, Mol’s. I’m getting eaten alive.”

Molly knew he was right.  She swatted at the swarm of mosquitoes surrounding them.  The boys would be full of bug bites if they didn’t get some smoke going to keep them at bay.  Jonathan was already beginning to be covered in mosquitoes, despite having bug spray on.  The darker it got, the more the bugs would come out.  “I’ll need your knife.”  Jonathan nodded and dug into his pocket.   Molly was glad Jon always carried a pocket knife.  She would need it to make a bow drill and get a fire going.  She was thankful for the survival classes they had taken together.  They hoped to never use them, but it looked like it would make a big difference tonight.

It took her a few minutes for her to gather supplies.  The ground was somewhat dry from lack of rain and she worried about a forest fire starting.  In the remaining light, she found a spot in the middle of the woods and brushed aside leaves to make room for the fire.  There was an open area just past the top of the hill, and she hiked out into it to begin the fire making.  It took her about twenty minutes to clear an area and get the fire started.  She could hear the boys crying and Jonathan trying to quite them.  They were both awake now. From the field, she couldn’t see any of them.  There was barely enough light to walk back towards the woods and the forest itself was dark.  Jonathan stood on the edge of the woods.  He had managed to get Eli to walk to meet her there.  She picked up the toddler and carried him towards the fire.  He was swatting at the bugs and yelling “No, no!  Mommy!”

She quieted him and brushed the bugs away.  The fire was barely going and she knew they would need firewood to keep it going all night.   Leaving the boys with Jon by the fire, she took out her cell phone, loaded the flashlight app and headed towards the woods.


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